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New Covenant Church of Lugoff


Being raised in the South, there were certain things that most folks in traditional churches take for granted; and, in some of the more extreme cases, Man's doctrine was supplanting the true doctrine of God, in His Word.

Several years ago, God impressed upon the hearts of the current elders - given more than 17 years of combined ministry experiences in traditional churches - of the distinction between Man's doctrine and the true doctrine of God.

In the more recent past, prior to the ministry at New Covenant Church (NCC), the LORD had specifically brought the weight of His Word regarding the church body's need for eldership to bear on the elders' hearts - that is, a Bible-based, elder-led model of governance versus the traditional "congregational-led" model was what was most honoring to the Lord Almighty.

Some of the scriptures which the Holy Spirit pressed with were found in Acts 14:23, 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and 1 Timothy 5:17.

Two years ago, following this particular epiphany, the mission organization known as "Life Action" conducted its third (and last) revival for the elders' former congregation.

At the end of those five days, and after hearing many in the congregation affirm elder leadership, the evangelist commented that given the events and testimony that week, which he believed that they were to go ahead and proceed guiding the congregation to an elder-led model of governance.

Shortly thereafter, at the next business meeting, nearly 90% of the congregation affirmed the Holy Spirit's direction in the church body's life and basically stated that it was the collective desire of the congregation to proceed in that (elder-led) direction.

Following this, something had changed in the desires of the congregation and the elders realized God was affirming to them that the very core of ministry to the traditional church was about to change.

After being overcome with a sense of peace, at an otherwise stressful time, the elders heeded the Holy Spirit's call and concluded their obligations to the traditional church - and sought out an indication from God as to the direction and type of ministry they were (then) to undertake.

What was anticipated to be only a small gathering... turned out many more individuals - all with the same heartfelt desire for direction - who met together in Lugoff, SC, to beg God to move.

And move God did.

By their own admission, it was not the elders’ collective desire to begin another church body – most were quite resigned to picking up any other effort that the LORD could have pointed them towards. But, this was not the purpose of God at this time. 

New Covenant Church (NCC) became alive.

NCC became a viable, unique assembly of like-minded, true believers who were hungry for with a deep desire for God's doctrine (not Man's) - concerning all areas of the Christian's life and walk. The body of believers at New Covenant began by being birthed (and bathed) in prayer - and they are becoming much more than a congregational-led entity, they are (in-fact) becoming a family.

The first year began with a re-education.

With Scripture as the source material, concerns for the most basic fundamentals of the faith grew. Many misconceptions had to be addressed - some, of which, previous congregations and generations had taken for granted - faith, love, governance, ordinances, sin, the Trinity, being in one accord and (even) regarding having all things in common.

In our second year, the Body of Christ at NCC continued to beg God for more insight to His precious Word, and remain desirous to walk with even more like-minded Brothers and Sisters in Christ in this gathering - being honest, open and transparent before our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and (also) to each other, the family of God. Discipleship and accountability, as given by example in Scripture became two very intense studies - and gave way to "smaller groups", a model of fostering honesty, openness and transparency in between brothers in Christ and in between sisters in Christ.

Our third year (began September 2013) and promises to be an exciting time to proclaim the Gospel and make (more) disciples for our LORD!

"But as you excel in everything--in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in all earnestness, and in our love for you--see that you excel in this act of grace also." ~ 2Cr.8.7.esv

Last Update: 09/29/2013