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New Covenant Church of Lugoff


the Elder-Led Model - The spiritual life of the church is under the responsibility and leadership of the elders.

This includes the preaching and teaching ministry, the spiritual growth of the members of the church, the worship services, the church discipline, and all other work and ministry of the church, though the work can be delegated to others, such as the work of the deacons. Our current elders..

    Paul Stephens
    Steve Vincent

Deacons - The physical life and well‐being of the congregation shall be the responsibility of the deacons under the supervision of the elders. They shall labor in this area to better enable the elders to spend their time and energies working mostly in the spiritual realm.

The deacons shall be responsible for physical ministries of the church, such as the buildings and properties, the benevolent program of the church, visitation of the sick and elderly, etc.
Our current deacons...

    Malcolm Dunkin
    Ralph Strickland
    Adam West

"And when they [the Apostles] had appointed elders for them in every church, with prayer and fasting they committed them to the Lord in whom they had believed." ~ Act.14.23.esv

Last Update: 09/29/2013